Electronic Cigarette Brands

The popularity of the electronic cigarettes is on the rise at the moment with the increasing presence of a wider variety electronic cigarette brands proliferating the consumer marketplace.

There are many reasons why the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have come up with different electronic cigarette brands to cater to the need of the American marketplace. There are many smokers in the US and worldwide who are desperately looking for an effective way to help them quit smoking for good.  The biggest problem is how you get to stop smoking without the withdrawal pains.   If you are a smoker and wish to give up smoking, the electronic cigarette may just be the answer.  In fact, there are many electronic cigarette brands in the marketplace today with different style and flavors that it makes it really easy to find the one you like.

The presence of the various electronic cigarette brands makes it easier to give up smoking just by making the transition from the traditional smoking of cigarettes to the use of the electronic cigarette.  The encouraging thing about the many different electronic brands available is you actually get to select the electronic cigarette you like from the many different electronic cigarette brands that are available.

There are generally two ways to make use of the different electronic cigarette brands in the marketplace today.  The first purpose is to quit smoking for good.  The electronic cigarette makes it more comfortable to give you the similar pleasure and taste of traditional cigarette smoking and gives the smoker something to hold on to that is less harmful than regular cigarette.  Another purpose of the electronic cigarette is to reduce the harmful effects of smoking for people who wish to continue smoking.  The different electronic cigarette brands with different styles and features makes it possible for anyone to find the one they prefer most and enjoy.

When there are so many attractive electronic cigarette brands around, how does one find their way to the brand they like most?  Here are some tips to help you find the electronic cigarette brands or brand you would likely enjoy.

Electronic Cigarette Brands Selection Tips

The Style

Most of the electronic cigarettes look just like an ordinary cigarette and they are fashioned in a way that makes it similar to the traditional cigarettes in many ways, minus the smoke.   However, some electronic cigarette brands may be made flat and square to look like a USB device. Decide on the exact style you wish before you select from the different electronic cigarette brands.


Finally check out the different reviews on different electronic cigarette brands.  User reviews may be the best tool you have to find the right electronic cigarette for you

Replacement Cartridge

Before investing in the electronic cigarette you prefer from the many different electronic cigarette brands available, do remember to check out the replacement cartridge and its availability.  If the cartridge is relatively cheap and easy to get, then go on and make the purchase.

Levels of Tobacco

Different electronic cigarette brands offer different levels of nicotine so choose the level you are comfortable with to begin with. If you are trying to quit smoking you may want to gradually reduce the level of nicotine with the passing of time.  This can be done by changing the cartridge or changing the electronic cigarette itself.  As this can be costly do check with the manufacturer of different electronic cigarette brands to see if they have one with decreasing levels of nicotine.

The Flavors

The various electronic cigarettes brands come in different flavors as well. You can choose from perky fruit flavors, the seductive scent of traditional tobacco cigarette, mint and other fanciful flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  In fact, the colorful and variety of the electronic cigarettes brands makes it possible for anyone to enjoy these electronic cigarettes without ever getting bored.


It is important to get electronic cigarette brands that come with two batteries.  If you need to purchase additional units be free to do so.  Chances are you would be using the unit with one battery fully charged while the other would be charging away in the background. This way you won’t have to wait for the battery to power up every time you need to use your electronic cigarette.  There are many electronic cigarette brands available so check out the electronic cigarette that comes with extra battery.

electronic cigarette manufacturer

Colorful LED

There is also the choice if the electronic cigarette brands with different LED color. There are red LEDs, blue LEDs, and electronic cigarette with pink LEDs and more. This would fit nicely with each individual preferences and goals of getting the electronic cigarette. Those who wish to strike up a conversation or attract attention in a bar should go for the electronic cigarette brands with less conservative colors as this would surely attract other smokers in the room. The traditional smoker who prefers to be left alone should go for the red or brown LEDs. Different electronic cigarette brands offer different choices and it is nice to check out what the options are.

Vapor Volume

The amount of vapor released is different with each electronic cigarette brands. The different electronic cigarette brands make it possible for every smoker to find the exact level of vapor volume desired.  The more volume, the higher satisfaction is gained from each puff.  Expert smokers may want to for smaller volume and then work on the atomizer for a long sensuous drag.

Gender Preference

The different electronic cigarette brands also cater to the need of the female population.  The women may prefer the electronic cigarette brands that offer more fanciful choices such as e-cigs with crystal or even diamond LEDs. This is stylish and attractive for a woman. Most women smokers tend to go with electronic cigarette brands with the more feminine color choices such as pink or blue. Follow their comments for more updates.

The Price

The price range for the different electronic cigarette brands varies from one hundred bucks to over two hundred for a set. The different price levels indicate the different qualities of the electronic cigarette brands. The higher the price the higher the quality should be.  The cost of the starter kit is only the beginning. You should be looking at the different electronic brands and compare not only the initial start up cost but the cost of the electronic cigarette cartridges as well.

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