E Health Cigarette For Those Who Love Smoking But Want To Live Healthy Too

Wikipedia describes an e health cigarette as an electronic variation of a normal tobacco cigarette that disperses nicotine into the lungs by vaporizing a gaseous mix of an aerosol based delivery system and nicotine. The components of an e-cig are therefore a cartridge that contains nicotine vapors, an atomizer which does the vaporization process and a battery pack to power the atomizer.

Setting aside the science, it seems that the e-cig does work well in removing some amount of cigarette addiction although research has yet to prove this fact. If nicotine swabs are taken as an example then research suggests that those who genuinely leave cigarettes for swabs and patches leave smoking altogether in a few months.

Extrapolating the same idea to e-health cigarette, it is logical to think that this nicotine delivery system too can remove addiction to smoking over time. However, health officials want people to believe different. Preliminary findings do suggest that e-cigs have a huge potential in curbing smoking instincts but where officials have a grudge against this e-health cig is that it can promote smoking in children.

E Health Cigarette Research

Although research on this particular tobacco free product is limited, it does have some proponents who have extensively supported its viability as a de-addiction item. Nicotine is dispersed by dissolving it in propylene glycol that is a commonly used solvent for inhalers and cough medicines. The isolation of nicotine and the non-presence of tobacco imply that they are much safer than natural cigarettes. One simply smokes nicotine and none of the other injurious stuff such as carbon mono oxide and tar. A tobacco researcher, Michael Siegl from Boston University points out that tobacco has got over 5000 known chemicals and over 100,000 more that are yet unknown about.

Compared to these staggering figures, e-health cigarette does not have anything more than nicotine in it. Moreover, Siegel and his colleagues took 16 independent studies done on e-cigs and tabulated the findings to reveal that the levels of harmful compounds found in e cigs is at par with that found in nicotine patches and thousands time less than that found in cigarettes.


Moreover, the same papers pointed to the fact that it reduced the craving to have something in the mouth and the need for tobacco. Even patches and swabs do not have such an effect on smokers as their efficiency in waning people off tobacco is poor even though they have FDA approval and medical status.   In conclusion, Siegel makes the conclusion that while it is not the best alternative to cigarettes, it does prove a better smoker’s delight than cigarettes probably prolonging life by at least a few years if not more.

Why E Health Cigarette Should Be Supported

Yes, these e cigs are not safe but neither are cigarettes. At least, smoking these things will reduce craving for tobacco and reduce health risks associated with it. If law makers want to ban it on its lack of research then they should ban nicotine swabs and cigarettes too since many of its compounds have not been fully studied.

States point out that e health cigarette draws the attention of young folks towards smoking, but imagine the millions across the world who can finally get rid of their addiction to tobacco. If this device were legalized and sold across the counter internationally? Every new innovation has its negatives and positives. It is a matter of deciding which side of the coin is a better choice and e cigs are definitely a positive for the society as a whole.

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